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I was born outside of Seoul, South Korea and raised in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, with time spent in Baltimore and Oakland before moving to Maine.

I love a new challenge, and my adult life has been spent undertaking a wide variety of creative pursuits and less creative tangents including:

  • Manual paste-up for a bay-area newspaper
  • Teaching myself HTML (it was the 90s) while working for two professional blackjack players
  • Tackling my first paying illustration job, a gouache-painted, exploded view of an adult diaper for a healthcare catalog, with a one-day turnaround
  • Freelancing for PowerBar and a handful of Bay Area agencies. The culture shock of being in proper offices with actual cubicles and water coolers was overwhelming after having worked in record stores for years
  • Moving to my adopted hometown of Portland, Maine, where I still think the most interesting people hide their light under a bushel
  • Running a recording studio and record label
  • Playing guitar, most recently with An Anderson
  • Teaching myself modular synthesis using eurorack and Buchla instruments
  • Rediscovering my childhood love of cycling
  • Rediscovering my childhood love of pencils

I live in Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood with my wife, artist Carrie Scanga, and our incredible daughter.