Born outside of Seoul, South Korea and raised in the Argentine neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas, with time spent in Baltimore and Oakland before moving to Maine.

I tend to be restless and love a challenge. My adult life has been spent undertaking a variety of creative pursuits and non-creative tangents including:

  • Manual paste-up for a bay-area newspaper
  • Teaching myself HTML (it was the 90s) while working for two professional blackjack players
  • Tackling my first paying illustration job, a gouache-painted, exploded view of an adult diaper for a healthcare catalog, with a one-day turnaround. 
  • Freelancing for PowerBar and a handful of Bay Area agencies, plus the resulting culture shock of being in proper offices with desks and cubicles and actual water coolers after having worked in record stores for years
  • Playing drums and making records with Nord Express
  • Moving to my adopted hometown of Portland, Maine, where I still think the most interesting people hide their light under a bushel
  • Playing guitar and making records with Harpswell Sound, Honey Clouds and An Anderson
  • Running a recording studio and record label, Forest City Studio and Peapod Recordings respectively
  • Recording location audio of a speech by our current Governor Paul Lepage, who signed the release form with a frowny face when he saw it was for Maine Public
  • Working for a Creative Director who literally asked me to “put some more design” on a piece. I believed then and believe now that the thing needs as much as it needs and not a bit more
  • Rediscovering my childhood love of cycling
  • Rediscovering my childhood love of pencils, although adult me ponies up for the Blackwing 602

I live in Portland’s Deering Center neighborhood with my wife, artist Carrie Scanga, and our incredible three year old daughter.